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For sale!

It are mouse-keychaines and duck-pencil-caps. (How the hell do you call those things?) All the ones I have are the ones in the picture. The ruler underneath the pictures is in cm, and here is a converter for those of you who work in inches.

The mouse-keychain is €3.
The duck-pencil-cap is €4.
(If you don’t find these prices reasonable or you want to negotiate with me over something else, or you just want to talk to me, here is my ask. If I haven’t replied within 24 hours, it’s because tumblr ate the message, so don’t be afraid to leave another one.)

I prefer payment via PayPal, I ship everywhere, and shipping usually isn’t over €2 for the long distances (which it probably will be, since I live in Belgium and that’s the middle of nowhere anyways.)

If you want one, just leave a message in my ask box with which one, mouse or duck, and the colour (or if it isn’t clear, the position in the picture) and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

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