With A Thousand Sweet Kisses, I'll Cover You...

Doing an experiment. Reblog if you believe in true bisexuality


That it’s not just some cover up for some gays, but that it is an actual sexual identity.

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#the fact that this is even a question kinda disgusts me #of course bisexuality excists #sexuality isn't black or white #it's not straight or gay #you can be anything in between #bisexuality also doesn't mean you're completely 50/50 #come on guys #look up the Kingsley Scale #I'm probably preaching to the choir #but still #this is kind of a given #(same for gender identity btw)

Team Love! Assemble!


I officially declare that the Make Glee, Not Hate Weekender 2012 has begun!

The Anon!Love Challenge!  You have this entire weekender to go forth and fill your friends’ inboxes with anonymous love!  If they have anon switched off, then SUBMIT your message to us and we’ll post it on your behalf anonymously, and tag the person it’s meant for.  Don’t forget to add in at the end “MGNHW 2012” so that we’re all still spreading the word for anyone who doesn’t know what’s going on.

The Comment Fest Challenge!  Make a point of heading over to stories, art, fanmixes—ANY and ALL fanworks you’ve loved and like, comment, reblog!  Us artistic types love to hear your feedback, and it’s never too late to let us in on your lovely thoughts, even if the fanworks in question are from months or even years ago!

The Anon!Love Meme, Exclusive to LiveJournal!  This is now open RIGHT HERE!  Go have some fun!

The Drabble Dedication Challenge!  Write a drabble, 200 words or less, and dedicate it to someone—like calling into a radio station and dedicating a song.  SUBMIT it to us, telling us the person to whom it’s dedicated, and we’ll post it anonymously on your behalf!

The “Love Blinders” Challenge!  This weekend, dedicate yourselves to paying no heed to any hate you may still see.  They say love is blind, after all, and we here at MGNHW 2012 say, LET US BE BLIND!  Don’t just share the love: turn a love-blind eye to anything that ISN’T love and positivity.


Most importantly, have fun this weekend!  And always remember:

All you need is love,
Love is all you need.

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#Come on guys #let's all do this #I need to study right now #but #I love this idea #I might participate a bit more later this evening #come on #spread the word!

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