With A Thousand Sweet Kisses, I'll Cover You...

Hi! Let’s make an introduction post!

So I can try to introduce myself to you all and we all can get to know each other.

Hi. I’m Celia. Nineteen-year-old girl who lives Belgium. Student biomedical science, studying at the KU Leuven. Lesbian, attempting to be out and proud. Awkward at life. I have a well-spoken mind that I don’t dare to speak out. Teenage walking emotional disaster, but working on it.

I have the most amazing girlfriend, Marjan, and you should all go follow her because she’s perfect. =D

In real life, I dance, practice synchronized swimming and attempt at being creative by making things, like bracelets, bags, scarves, jewels, stuff like that. Just don’t ask me to draw, I’m horrible at that. I also write, but it’s been ages since I wrote something longer than three pages and actually liked it. But I’m making an effort in writing again so maybe in a while things will start showing up again. We’ll see.


On the internet, I spazz about lots of fandoms, which change up from time to time. Currently I’m obsessed with Glee and completely in love with Klaine. I’ll take Brittana as an amazing second. The trophy of third place goes out to all the other character, because in the end, I love each and every one of those Gleeks. And the Warblers, too.

I’m a PotterHead, and Harry Potter has been the first fandom I’ve been into. I’m also on PotterMore, you can go add me, IceAshpodel11 is my beta account, ScarletMidnight23114 the account I created afterwards in which I got sorted into the right house. Hufflepuff pride FTW!

Also a huge Starkid-fan. I met them at RingCon 2012! Read my full recap about it here and just check the RingCon tag on my blog for other stuff about it. I’m also co-admin of the Starkid Belgium tumblr and co-admin and co-founder of the Starkid Street Team Belgium chapter. Go check it out!

I’m a RENThead, I have this small RENT shrine in my room, it’s my absolutely favourite musical, and I worship Telly Leung so much you cannot understand okay? As in. I already was a Gleek since season 1, I was a Starkid fan since before that. Kurt was my favourite character. I was so excited about his storyline in S02E06 Never Been Kissed. I freaked when it was announced Darren Criss would be playing Blaine. And during all the stuff that happened during that episode, I fell out my chair when I realised Telly Leung was a Warbler. No joke. No exaggerating. Seriously. You don’t understand.

I adore musicals. Yes I do. Uhu. Yup.

Besides that. I love CSI-esque shows (who doesn’t?) I absolutely love Castle, and I also love Bones, Nikita, and CSI: Miami. My entire family had this addiction to House M.D. at some point. I also like Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Sherlock, I still need to get into a LOT of other fandoms that you see on my blog anyways like Doctor Who, but I’ll get there.

At some point in my life, I was able to quote the entire movie of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. 

My blog consists mostly of reblogs of things I like, both fandom-wise and things I just like because they’re nice/cute/shiny/inspirational/whatever. Some personal entries will show up, whether it are picture I took (of things I made) or those exceptional personal rants about… stuff. Because sometimes I blow up and need to get stuff off my chest and hide them under a “Read More” cut so people won’t read them anyway.

I think I’ve got most of me covered here, but since I’m useless in “social” situations and won’t start a conversation but will be gladly replying to each and every one comment I get, just leave something in my ask-box if you want to know something about me. Or if you have something to say. Or just because. All of those things are welcome. Also, I have the inability to reply to things in a short manner (twitter has been a challenge), so you’ll always get something out of it, whether it’s to the point, an answer, or random spazz.

Hugs and butterfly kisses, Celia.

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